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The WPT Invitational Tournament: A Certified Poker Freeroll Event

The World Poker Tour has been showcasing some of the best poker tournaments in the past few years. It features some of the brightest and most popular players to have ever stepped in the world of poker. The tour is planning to continue on this beautiful tradition for more years to come.

The tour has been featuring an excellent mix of different kinds of poker tournaments. This is one of the major keys behind their success as an institution. It seems to have something for every kind of player out there. They have events that are mainly for women. Meanwhile, their other events highlight the legends of the game. There are also invitational events for the more established players in poker.

One of the most successful invitational tournaments run by the World Poker Tour is the WPT Invitational. This event has been featuring some of the best poker celebrities and professional players being pitted against each other. It also features some contest winners to fight for the right to have a direct seat to the WPT Championship at the end of the World Poker Tour season.

This qualifying tournament is not yet through. The winner would also take home the grand pot amounting to $100,000. Because this event is an invitational tournament, it is a freeroll. Those who are invited can partake in this excellent tournament for some real non-stop poker action. Despite being a freeroll event, all the participants are expected to display their best because what is at stake here is a direct trip to the championship tournament of the tour. That's poker glory waiting for the one who can completely dominate the competition.

The WPT Invitational tournament is without a doubt a very good example of a poker freeroll. In here, the participants were not required to pay any fee or buy-in to be able to participate. However, they were invited to be part of such prestigious event. At this tournament, players showed everything they got to outsmart and outplay their one another. But in the end, there was only one who emerged triumphant.

Because the event invited some of the best and brightest players of the game, the competition was a certified heart-pounding event from start to finish. Some of the poker greats who were able to reach the final table of this poker freeroll tournament were Humberto Brenes, Joe Cassidy, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, John Juanda, and Harry Demetriou. In the end, only one was declared the winner and it was no other than Phil Laak. After the event, he was a $100,000 richer and was given a guaranteed seat at the WPT Championship.