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The Professional Poker Tour: A Series of Freeroll Tournaments

What are poker freerolls? These events have been in circulation for quite a long time already. Throughout the years, more and more players are slowly realizing the value of such events for them. Players may not see it at first, but such events have certain functions and roles to play in the world of poker.

Some players have used such events as opportunities to earn a bankroll for a career in poker. Such task is not easy but slowly but surely these players will somehow create something out of these wonderful opportunities that are being presented in front of them. Poker freerolls are certified free events so players need not worry about the losses which they might incur while playing such games.

For those who would like to understand what freerolls really are, they should take a closer look at the different tournaments being featured in the Professional Poker Tour. The tournaments in this major poker event epitomize the real meaning of poker freerolls. These games are for free and should not require players to shed out some money in the form of buy-ins or fees.

The Professional Poker Tour is a major poker event that aims to feature some of the biggest and brightest names in the game of poker. All of the participants here are either champions or major contenders in the other major poker events like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Players who are not yet that established in the game will not be able to join this event.

This tour has only one season behind its belt so far. The future of this event may still be in question up until now but it surely has one very successful season behind it. In 2005, it featured a total of six world class competitive freeroll poker tournaments. Every event has a guaranteed $225,000 prize waiting for the winners.

One of the tournaments featured by the tour is the World Poker Finals. Those who were able to reach the final table in this event include Casey Kastle, John Juanda, Jennifer Harman, Chris Bigler, Dan Harrington, and Ron Rose. In the end it was Juanda who won the grand pot without spending anything. He surely made waves after defeating all the other poker greats present at the event.

The other tournaments that were featured in the sole season of the Professional Poker Tour are the L.A. Poker Classic, the Bay 101, the 3rd Annual Five Star World Poker Classic, and the Mirage Poker Showdown. These events were won by Erick Lindgren, Tom McEvoy, Lee Markholt, and Ted Forrest, respectively. Each of them joined the tournament for free and without any buy-ins. They also took home $225,000 each for winning the different tournaments.